Top 10 Beach Items for Kids


It’s beach time! That means packing the kids up and whether you are headed down south to Myrtle Beach or just going to your local lake, you will need a checklist of what to bring with you. We have been two Tybee Island, Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville Beach and will soon be going to Pompano Beach, Florida. Here are my top 10 items I like to bring for both my 13 month old and my soon to be 4 year old:


  1. Sunscreen – Please always use sunscreen when being in the sun. It is important for everyone to use the sunscreen no matter how old.Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50, 8 oz
  2. Beach Chair – Having a beach chair is one of our essentials. We even have small ones for both the kids. You can find them pretty inexpensive at Wal-Mart or Target. Our son is obsessed with the Ninja Turtles.  Ninja Turtles Folding Lounge Chair, Blue
  3. Baby Canopy – We loved this for our 1 year old. If you have a young one that takes naps during the day, having a full canopy that covers them and allows them to lie down is a mustOzark Trail Sun Shelter, 4' x 4'
  4. Water – Having lots of water to drink (snacks help, too) is essential to a great day at the beach. Make sure the kids stay hydrated especially if it’s reaching 100 degrees.Aquafina Water, 24 oz, 6pk
  5. Beach Shoes – My kids especially needed beach shoes walking on the sand. The sand was very hot and burned me so I know they were feeling it. Protecting the bottom of their feet was important to us and they like to build sand castles and knock them over :). These shoes pictures are literally only $4.98. They are very affordableYouth Boys' Beach Water Shoe
  6. Baby Powder – I know this seems weird, but baby powder is perfect to actually remove sand off of your children. This is great for using right before you get in the car to avoid all the sand.Johnson's Baby Powder Calming Lavender & Chamomile, 22 Oz
  7. Beach Toys – Nothing beats a day on the beach like some classic beach toys. Simple items such as a few pails, a shovel, and a bag to put it all in will do. You can get the items from the Dolllar Tree or you can go super fancy and get a large set off of Amazon.Az Import and Trading BT97 Beach Toys
  8. Beach towel cover up – I love the beach towel cover ups because the kids can wear them and do not have to worry about them dropping around their bodies. They come in all different colors and cartoon characters. Very cute! Evergreen Basics Hooded Fish Beach Towel - Blue. Image 1 of 1.
  9. Wet Bag – Wet bags are great for when your children (or yourself) need to change back into some dry clothes and need somewhere to put their bathing suits. It helps to not get everything else wet as well. A must have item. Brownie Gifts Gray Chevron Wet Bag
  10. Beach bag – You can’t forget the beach bag. If you have toddlers maybe 2 and up, have them pick a small bag they like it and stuff with their favorite items they want to take to the beach.No Boundaries 16'' Women's Nautical Inspired Graphic Tote Beach Bag

Comment below on your favorite beach items!

Thomas the Train 1st Birthday

Today (April 2nd) we had my youngest son’s 1st birthday. A lot of planning and hardwork (like all parties I plan) when into everything so I hope to be as detailed as possible. Make sure to check out the YouTube videos I made and let me know how I can assist you 🙂

Here is my decorated table:


The cupcakes are from Publix. It’s the white cream cheese frosting that sit in the bakery section.

The cupcake holder comes from Hobby Lobby or Michaels

The tablecloth, cupcake toppers, the Thomas the Train background all come from Party City

The trains were already ours, but I believe they come from Target or Walmart you can find in either

The wings are from Publix as well and the sandwiches were catered by Subway



This birthday sign was bought on Etsy. I absolutely love it. You can find it here


The birthday shirts come from Etsy as well. The one on the left says “Christian is 1” and the one on the right says “Brother of the Birthday Boy”

The conductor hat came from Birthday In a Box.


Party Favors! These were custom made by Birthday In a Box as well. Check them out online

Check out the personalized video I made for my son. If you want one made just let me know 🙂






It’s giveaway time again! I have an influx of new followers and I have to say thank you! This time the giveaway will be open for the rest of March and will close on April 4th (in honor of my son’s 1st birthday) I will announce the winner on YouTube and of course post it here as well.

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Top 10 Things We Miss About Being a Kid

So I’m sitting here watching my children drift off to sleep and I can’t help but look back on the fun days of being a kid. Everything as an adult is about finances, parenting, healthy eating, working and responsibilities. Here are the top 10 things I miss about being a kid:

10. Not Driving

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having the freedom of owning my own car and travelling, but how I miss not having to drive.


9. Eating a ton of junk food and not worrying about how much you have to grind at the gym

oh, metabolism, where are you?


8. Recess

Do I have to elaborate on this one?


7. Asking “why” a million times because I’m a child and that’s what children do

Now when I ask “why” repetitively it could get me fired

6. Not using social media to talk to people

Sometimes I miss the good ole days of going to my best friends house, knocking on the door and asking if she can play outside. Now, it’s super rude to knock on the door without calling first.

5. Christmas morning

Other than your birthday, it’s the best day of the year


4. Waking up happy on Monday

No matter what day it is every morning as a child, it is a good day.

3. Someone else is responsible for feeding you

Remember the days when you didn’t have to plan what your meals were going to be and how much it would cost. I don’t care if I have a plate of vegetables, if someone else will cook them for me and set them out on a plate I will eat it

2. Mandatory Naps

I wish someone would ask me if I’m ready for my nap everyday at 12pm. Heck yes!



When you don’t need a job to survive, the world is your playground


Being a kid is awesome. What is your top 10?

Salmon and Asparagus: Quick Meal under 30 Minutes



It’s 2016 and one thing I said I would do more of is make meals at home. I’m obsessed with asparagus and I found many recipes on Pinterest, but I’m not a fan of lemon and I wanted to add my own flavor.

In the picture below you can see the ingredients I used. *Not pictures is the minced garlic and 2 tablespoons of butter.


Looks pretty easy right? That’s because it is!

  1. Heat a pan with 1 tbsp of butter and olive oil (I prefer extra virgin) on high-medium heat
  2. Add your asparagus to the pan making sure you flip them a few times to cook and soak in all the goodness
  3. While you let that cook, heat another pan adding the butter and oil for your salmon (I used a dash of Kosher salt, but regular salt or sea salt is fine). I also added pepper to my liking.
  4. Flip your salmon after 3-4 minutes to make sure both sides are being cooked through. Add the minced garlic to the pan. I like to take a small sppon and cover the juices in the pan over my fish.
  5. Once it is done put your asparagus on a plate followed by the salmon and add the parsley on top

If you liked this recipe please share with someone else or leave comments below!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

So I hosted a Mickey Mouse birthday party for my 3 year old son back in May 2015 and realized I never got to write about the experience and how everything came together. I won’t make this wordy as I believe pictures are better and more fun.

For the food I ended up doing hamburgers and hotdogs as the entrees. It was easy and my husband did all the grilling. The cheese was actually cut into Mickey Mouse shapes however, I wouldn’t count on this because it melted really fast and you couldn’t really tell. I also had a spread of cheese and crackers, a veggie plate and of course some punch.


The condiments had some cute labeling I bought from this Etsy store. I had to print them out and I forgot to get the labels with the clear coating so I ended up using clear tape instead and it worked out great!

The tags came from the same Etsy shop. Click Here for details. I had ones that read “Club” House Sandwiches, Plut-ta-to chips, Hot Diggity Dogs and Daisy’s Garden Veggies. Very Cute! I just used some paper holder clips I found to hold them up.

The cupcakes were ahhhmazing. I got them from Kupcakerie. I already had the cupcake stands. I bought this a while back at Hobby Lobby I want to say. They were on sale at the time so I just bought them. They were actually green and I spray painted one of them white. (I was supposed to do the other one and got SUPER lazy)


The water bottle labels also come from the same Etsy shop AshleysPaperTrail

I just printed them out and taped them with clear tape just in case they got wet it wouldn’t mess up the paper or anything.


For the Goody bags I also purchased these on Etsy! If you have a special silhouette machine you can make them yourself, but I don’t take back purchasing them. It saved me time and it wasn’t very expensive. I got 2 of each of the characters you see below! Inside there is just a coloring book with some crayons, a cup and I believe there were stickers as well.

The Mickey cake was made by Southern Eats & Treats! It was affordable and tasty as well!

Some other decor items I had was a Happy Birthday Banner my mother-in-law made! We hung it over the bay window in our formal living room.

The bounce house was a ton of fun for the kids AND the adults. I didn’t know they had a Mickey one until after the party!

The Mickey and Minnie ears were some of my favorite decor ideas. They also worked as party favors as well.

Another really cool item was the decor in the bathroom. We had some hand sanitizer personalized with Eddie’s birthday date and Mickey of course!

The Mickey towels were also in the bathroom. Created by my wonderful Mother-In-Law

Pin the Nose on Mickey was bought at Party City!

The popcorn bags were cute decor items. We did have a popcorn and cotton candy stand.

At the end of the day I was exhausted and had a ton of mess to clean up! I did create a YouTube video on the day of the party so if you want to see what happened check it out!

Pregnant? Here’s 5 Reasons Why Your Life is Officially Over

Congratulations on being pregnant! I bet you can’t wait for the poopy diapers, never-ending crying and not sleeping at night. It’s all quite fun. But have you ever really thought about how much a baby will change your life? Let me take the time out to tell you 5 reasons why your life is over:

  1. You won’t have time for anyone else because you will be so amazed by your newborns glowing smile and the first time your baby says “mama”.
  2. It will be hard leaving the house without your child to do “fun” things like going out to the movies and restaurants because you are so hooked to your new baby.
  3. Your friends will be happy they don’t have any kids. Who would want to deal with a drooling, crying, very expensive, little baby? I mean, why would you want to be inside on the weekends filming and photographing every little movement, every smile, every word, of a newborn that thinks you are the best thing that’s ever happened to the world. I mean, what’s the point?ultra
  4. You have to be fat for 9 months!! Like seriously, you have to walk around everywhere looking super huge with swollen ankles, varicose veins, heartburn, headaches, restless legs and plus everyone stares at you and instantly judges trying to figure out your life on whether it was planned or not. I mean, what’s the reward for doing all of that?
  5. You will be broke forever! I mean, why in the world would you have a baby and you are not rich! Your career is not perfect and your life is not perfect. It’s not enough to be married these days. You need to at least be married for 5 years. That’s how you know you will be able to take care of a child financially. Your life is officially over.

To conclude, please understand and know that just because you are pregnant or have children (whether 1 child or 10) your life is just beginning.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten 

I would like to start a new challenge. It involves reading (which is free) and it involves spending time with your child (which is free). It is very simple. You will need to read at least 3 books per day with your little one. It can be a magazine, a board book, a chapter book, an article ANYTHING! It can even be on a Kindle or an IPad. You just have to read! Take a picture of your little one reading and post it with the hashtag #1000books. If you like to buy books check out some you can get from under $5 here

You can post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, add it on your blog or wherever you want. If your child is passed Kindergarten try reading 1000 books before the next grade level.

Reading is so important and I think it’s about time we start making it more of a priority not just with our kids, but for ourselves as well.

Keep track of the number of books read and when you are done let me know. Might be a nice giveaway in store 😉

Library Room Makeover

 So I have been working very hard to get our library room in the best shape possible. I wanted it to be a room where the kids could read, do their homework and feel comfortable. I wanted a lot of storage and color and functionality. Eddie said he wanted a superhero room so I transferred his books downstairs.

The book shelves come from Ikea and you can choose the size and the color you want. The quote is from Etsy and it’s the Dr.Seuss quote. The room is kind of “Dr.Seussy”. You can see the full row of large hardback Dr. Seuss books at the bottom. The middle one is “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”.

*Don’t mind the computer and chairs*

Now, you can’t see it, but on the left hand corner is a window and I wanted to put some bookshelves to frame the window, along with a bench. I found the tutorial on Pinterest.

In order to make the bench you will need foam, an MDF board, quilt batting, a staple gun and fabric. I chose the Waverly fabric navy blue in color. The MDF board I purchased from Home Depot and they cut it the dimensions I wanted (for free).

All you have to do is lie down the fabric, then the quilt batting, then put down the foam (should be same dimensions as the MDF board), then the MDF board should fit perfectly on top of the foam. Staple the quilt batting to the MDF board and then staple the fabric to the board as well. It’s not hard, but it can take some time. I had to compromise on the sizes to make it work, but play around with it.

We have over 700 books so this was plenty of space. (If you haven’t started with the 1000 books before Kindergarten challenge you should) I will fill the shelves with education items, but I wanted to show you guys my plans. I love how it turned out and some pillows would top it off perfectly! I have a lot of ideas on our journey to adding new things to our house so the next stop would be our bathroom and our living room.

If you have any questions let me know.

Top 5 reasons to have a child in your 20s

The average age of first time mothers in 1970s was 21 years old. Now, in 2015 the average age has hit 30. More people are deciding to wait even longer to bring a beautiful expensive blessing into their lives and for good reasons too. First of all, they are not cheap. Second of all, they cry. Third of all, they are not cheap. While these are great reasons here are top 10 reasons on why it’s a good idea to have a child in your 20s:

1. Being young most of the time means more energy

Having children require an immense amount of energy. They like to run, jump, skip, hop, jump off of the roof (ok, maybe that’s just mine). It’s not like you need to be 20 to be in the best shape there are plenty of people that are not, however, statistically speaking you are most fit in your earlier years. The more energetic you are the faster your body will bounce back to normal.

2. Having additional kids will be easier

When you have your first child at lets say 25 if you would like a second child 3 or 4 years later you are still in your 20s. If you would like to add a 3rd child or maybe even a 4th (God bless you) you are still very active and will most likely have less complications in pregnancy due to being younger.

3. You are more connected with social trends

Nowadays technology rules everything. We have computers, iPads, cell phones and tablets. We can get information in a split second and Facebook stalk your ex best friend all day long. The younger generations are more adaptive to technology changes and are more in tune with how devices work and can keep up with technological advances. Raising kids in this digital age while knowing the functionality for yourself is a huge benefit. Think about it, how many times have you had to teach your grandmother to text? How long did it take your parents to figure out how to create a Twitter page? Keeping up with your child is no longer just physical.

4. Career

In my own experience having a career and balancing children have been inspiring for me. I am constantly trying to push harder in my daily life. I find new ways to work smarter and take my career seriously. I always feel a common misconception about having kids is that you won’t be able to have your dream job and you will end up settling. This is 100% false and doesn’t make any sense. I plan out my days and feel an extra sense of satisfaction knowing I am consistently revisiting my career goals and aligning them with baseball games.

5. Maybe you will have grandkids one day

This is not to step on any toes whatsoever, but having children younger means your children will likely be out of the house sooner and if they have children you will be with your grandkids for a longer period of time. Of course, people pass away at any age, but I am speaking to the point that the average males lifespan is 76 years old and for women it’s 81 years old. Having children at an earlier age means more time with your kids, grandkids, and of course your loved one due to the empty nest.

No matter what you decide remember have a child when you are ready. It’s no joke waking up every hour in the night to feed a newborn. It can be costly and at times overwhelming. Your life will never be “perfect enough” to have a baby, but be smart and don’t worry about the doubters. You can do it!

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